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📃 Contract addresses

This page contains a list of some notable 0x Protocol contract addresses. Note that integrators of the 0x APIs typically do not have to interact with these smart contracts, the exception being the Exchange Proxy contract which you typically have to give a token allowance to.

For JavaScript/TypeScript developers, we publish the @0x/contract-addresses package to NPM with all these addresses.

You can find the full list of addresses here:

0x v4

Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)

Sepolia Testnet (Chain ID: 11155111)

Binance Smart Chain (Chain ID: 56)

Polygon (Chain ID: 137)

Avalanche (Chain ID: 43114)

Fantom (Chain ID: 250)

Celo (Chain ID: 42220)

Optimism (Chain ID: 10)

Arbitrum (Chain ID: 42161)

Base (Chain ID: 8453)

0x v3

Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)

Ropsten Testnet (Chain ID: 3)

  • Exchange: 0xfb2dd2a1366de37f7241c83d47da58fd503e2c64
  • ERC20Proxy: 0xb1408f4c245a23c31b98d2c626777d4c0d766caa
  • ERC721Proxy: 0xe654aac058bfbf9f83fcaee7793311dd82f6ddb4
  • Forwarder: 0x2127a60bedfba1c01857b09b8f24094049c48493
  • CoordinatorRegistry: 0x403cc23e88c17c4652fb904784d1af640a6722d9
  • Coordinator: 0x6ff734d96104965c9c1b0108f83abc46e6e501df
  • MultiAssetProxy: 0xab8fbd189c569ccdee3a4d929bb7f557be4028f6
  • StaticCallProxy: 0xe1b97e47aa3796276033a5341e884d2ba46b6ac1
  • ERC1155Proxy: 0x19bb6caa3bc34d39e5a23cedfa3e6c7e7f3c931d
  • DevUtils: 0x161793cdca4ff9e766a706c2c49c36ac1340bbcd
  • Staking: 0xfaabcee42ab6b9c649794ac6c133711071897ee9
  • Broker: 0x4Aa817C6f383C8e8aE77301d18Ce48efb16Fd2BE