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πŸ“Š 0x Explorer Tag Guide


Add a 0x Explorer Tag to your app on the 0x Dashboard to access on-chain transaction analytics for it on 0x Explorer.

0x Explorer is a public dashboard that provides transaction tracking, liquidity source and chain breakdowns, and in-depth metrics for your apps. It also showcases your apps and their activity to the broader 0x ecosystem and potential users!

0x Explorer Screenshot

You may use the same tag for all your apps to ensure that data from your apps is aggregated under one name, or use a different tag for each app, to split them on 0x Explorer.

πŸ”Ž Read more about the 0x Explorer.

Submitting a 0x Explorer Tag​

When you submit a tag for your app via the 0x Dashboard, our team will review the submission to ensure it meets the necessary requirements. Once approved, we will tag live transactions from your app(s) with your selected name, and you will be able to view the tagged transaction data publicly on the 0x Explorer website. Please allow up to 7 business days before your transactions are tagged on 0x Explorer.

To ensure that your app submission is appropriate and approved to be displayed on 0x Explorer, please follow the guidelines below:

App Name Requirements:​

  • Must not contain trademarks, service marks, or other intellectual property owned by others.
  • Must be unique and not already in use on the 0x Explorer.
  • Must not contain any profane or offensive language.

Logo Requirements:​

  • Must be a 400 x 400 pixel SVG
  • Must only use the name, logo, or trademark you own or otherwise have obtained the right to use.
  • Must not contain copyrighted material, such as logos or photographs owned by others.
  • Must not contain any profane or offensive language.
  • Logos should be clearly visible, even at small sizes.
  • Logos must be of high quality and resolution

The 0x team reserves the right to reject the submission if it doesn’t comply with our terms of service.

How the 0x Explorer Tag Works​

When you add a tag to an app, we include a unique identifier in the call data of the transactions for that app before submitting them on-chain. This enables us to attribute the correct transactions to your app and provide you with analytics on 0x Explorer.