Tx Relay API

Gasless API

Simplify defi with end-to-end gasless infrastructure

Expecting users to pay gas fees sets up unnecessary roadblocks in your product experience. Our API simplifies crypto for users by abstracting away the complexities of gas fees.

Scale user adoption by building frictionless crypto experiences

Improve onboarding and conversion

Simplify user flows and allow your users to start trading with any token that’s in their wallet.

Fast setup

Get real-time quotes and swaps with just a few lines of code.

End to end gasless solution

We’ve built a comprehensive solution that covers approvals and swaps. Gas is abstracted away into the backend.

Deep liquidity for the best execution

Unlock aggregated liquidity from 0x private market makers and 100+ exchanges including Uniswap for the most popular pairs on Ethereum and Polygon.

Protection for users

Shield users from MEV with proprietary Slippage Protection and Request for Quote orders from private market makers.

Eliminate complex interactions in your application




The first time a user sells a new token from their wallet, they must perform a separate one-time transaction to set an approval for it. This transaction costs gas, so the user needs to hold a small amount of the chain’s native token to pay for it. Users also need to maintain token balances to pay network fees on every subsequent transaction.

*Transaction fees varies based on the network traffic and prices

Gasless Approvals

Gasless Swaps

Gasless Approvals

Gasless Swaps

Frictionless experience


Supported on


More chains coming soon




Built for crypto native users

Composable with Swap if you want to offer execution optionality. Create experiences where users can opt in and out of gasless transactions without sacrificing user experience.

Learn more about Swap

Robinhood built the first self-custody wallet with no network fees using Gasless API.

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