Decreasing Frictions in DeFi hackathon recap

The online hackathon brought together 117 hackers, who launched 58 projects and took home $30,000 in prizes.

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July 12, 2023
Decreasing Frictions in DeFi hackathon recap

Last month, alongside Family, Polygon Labs, and AWS, we hosted our “Decreasing Frictions in DeFi” hackathon, an online hackathon where builders learned about DeFi tooling through a series of online workshops and guides, and put their skills to the test by showcasing their ideas to solve real-world financial frictions.

The event brought together 117 hackers, who launched 58 projects and took home $30,000 in prizes ($10,000 USD +$20,000 AWS credits).

We’re proud to help host hackathons like this one, enabling developers and creatives to build and test their Web3 ideas in a welcoming space, receive real-time feedback, and win prizes to help bring those ideas to life.

Congratulations to the Winners

We offered $30,000 in prizes to teams that integrated 0x Swap API to power crypto trading in their hackathon projects and Family’s ConnectKit to easily connect wallets. After a round of competitive judging, these top three teams were awarded prizes:

🥇 1st Place: WiFi - $3735

WiFi aims to answer the question of “Why DeFi?”. It is an all-in-one dApp for exploring and investing in various DeFi opportunities.

With WiFi, users can easily find high APR opportunities, including ones with assets spread across multiple chains. The app aggregates these investments and abstracts away the complexities of navigating different protocols, with support for swaps built-in.

WiFi uses Swap API to find the optimal route for swapping between assets.

Learn more about WiFi.

🥈 2nd Place: Arcanum - $3012

Arcanum is a highly scalable and fully decentralized ETF protocol. Arcanum merges two primitives - the ETF as an ultimate asset management tool and a multipool with decentralized swapping mechanics. 

ETFs on Arcanum can be minted using any index asset within a corresponding multipool and can be burnt to redeem any index asset.

Arcanum uses Swap API in two ways. The first is to search for the most efficient swaps for balancing, and second, to allow users to swap ERC-20 tokens directly in the app. 

Learn more about Arcanum.

🥉 3rd Place: CBIndex - $1687

CBIndex is a one-stop toolkit and protocol for decentralized asset management. CBIndex encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools that empower users with unprecedented access to crypto investment through various vehicles, such as copy-investing, actively managed on-chain funds, and index funds.

CBIndex’s copy-investing actions are powered by 0x Swap API and Orderbook API, which are used to execute ERC-20 swaps and limit order trades associated with the chosen investment option.  

Learn more about CBIndex.

We also want to give a big shout out to the other finalists:

  • Aisland Dex is an open-source DEX powered by Swap API - featuring all of the benefits that 0x offers, including MEV protection and lower revert rates. Learn more.
  • EZTrade DEX is a dashboard that allows users to swap tokens, view their token balances, transaction history, and token transfer history all at once. Learn more.

Inspired to build?

Check out our developer docs and content hub to learn about our APIs and explore guides to get started building with 0x. We look forward to seeing how we can shape the future of DeFi together 🤝