App spotlight: Zerion

An interview with Zerion, a Web3 smart wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a phone to easily manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios.

Published on
June 22, 2022
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App spotlight: Zerion

Welcome to the 0x spotlight series, where we highlight some of the exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Next up is Zerion! We spoke with Abishek Dharshan, Community Lead at Zerion, about their recent wallet launch, why they chose 0x, and what’s next for Zerion.

Enjoy the interview!

What is Zerion?

Zerion is a Web3 smart wallet and investing tool that enables anyone with a phone to easily manage their DeFi and NFT portfolios. Our relentless focus on user-centered design, combined with a technology stack that aggregates across every major wallet, network, and decentralized exchange, gives users a single point of entry to Web3 for managing all of their digital assets, including NFTs.

Zerion is non-custodial, which means users never delegate their funds to the platform. This allows us to mitigate centralization risk and operate globally.

Congrats on the recent launch of the Zerion Wallet! Can you dive a little deeper into that?

Zerion Wallet is the first mobile-friendly, multi-chain wallet that's natively compatible with every dapp.

Zerion Wallet includes smart trade routing across every major decentralized exchange, dapp compatibility via Wallet Connect, fiat onramps so you can go from cash to crypto in just a few taps, and advanced multi-seed phrase management. Zerion Wallet features multi-chain support for 10+ networks, including Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, and more.

What helps Zerion stand out in the ecosystem is the ability to connect your other non-Zerion wallets (including Ledger!) and easily manage your entire portfolio – making it the all-in-one app for exploring Web3. Zerion’s built-in trading and bridging aggregator helps you find the best deals across every major blockchain! And Zerion’s social features enable you to follow any wallet address, ENS handle, or NFT collection to stay on top of the latest trends and tokens.

Speaking of NFTs, anyone with Zerion Wallet can claim Zerion DNA, the first-of-its-kind living NFT that evolves with every on-chain action. Over 37 thousand DNAs have already been claimed. The cool thing is that rarity is not random: it increases with every transaction and - so any 0x swaps you make can help boost your attributes.

Zerion Wallet is available on web, iOS, and Android.

Why did you choose to integrate Swap API?

We’ve known 0x as one of the earliest battle-tested exchange infra protocols since we started conceptualizing Zerion in 2018.

We chose 0x for a number of reasons: the large number of liquidity sources and DEXes integrated, a personable team with fantastic support that listened to our feature requests, and simple-to-use APIs with comprehensive documentation.

Furthermore, 0x had plans to expand beyond Ethereum to support other chains and Layer 2s, which aligned with our roadmap!

What’s next for Zerion?

With the launch of Zerion Wallet, we’re expanding our product features to complete every Web3 use-case, including:

  • Personalization and social features with push notifications and transaction history across all networks, social feeds, wallet discovery, and wallet labels.
  • Enhanced dapp connectivity across all chains with Wallet Connect v2 and on-ramp aggregation that expands payment support to all providers.
  • New dev infrastructure, including a Rest API for Zerion API, new documentation, and expanded chain coverage.

With dozens of protocols and chains being added every week, the main integration focus is to provide users with an unparalleled user experience that complements their Web3 user-journey. With Zerion Wallet you have one place to manage every wallet, seed phrase, and private key you own regardless of where you first created it. Use Zerion to place trades on any network, manage your multi-chain portfolio, and store your NFTs.

Where can people go to learn more about Zerion?

To learn more, check out:

Thanks for chatting, Abishek!

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