0x Dev Digest: September 2023

A round-up of the latest 0x news, product updates, and more. This month - how to unlock optimal trades with RFQ liquidity, introducing 0x DevTalks, and fresh new liquidity sources.

Published on
October 3, 2023
0x Dev Digest: September 2023

Welcome to the 0x Dev Digest, where each month we share the latest news, product updates, and more.

Let’s dive in 👇

Unlock optimal trades in Swap API with 0x RFQ

This month we highlighted liquidity available exclusively through Swap API: 0x RFQ.

Swap API aggregates liquidity from 100+ sources to find the route expected to yield the best executed price. These sources include the top Automated Market Makers (AMMs) as well as exclusive liquidity from professional market markers surfaced through RFQ.

Deeper liquidity and greater diversity of sources means better pricing for end-users. And RFQ isn’t just your average liquidity source. Featuring protection from MEV attacks, zero slippage, and highly efficient execution, RFQ unlocks the full power of Swap API. 

Enabling RFQ opens up additional avenues for trade route optimization and ensures your users get the best executed prices.

As we show in our new report diving deeper into RFQ performance, RFQ consistently outperforms AMMs by delivering better prices 77% of the time for the top 5 pairs (excluding stable/stable), which account for 1/4 of all trading volume on 0x, and 46% of the time on average for all pairs where it's available.

If you’ve already integrated Swap API, turning on RFQ liquidity is as simple as including a 'takeraddress' in your /swap queries. Check out our quick tutorial to unlock optimal trades with RFQ in less than 5 minutes.

New to 0x? Sign-up for an account on the 0x Dashboard to tap into RFQ liquidity today.

Introducing 0x DevTalks

0x DevTalks is a new bite-sized series diving into building DeFi products with 0x's suite of APIs. Episodes will cover feature explainers, integration best practices, and code walkthroughs.

In this first episode, we sit down with Eric Wong, who focuses on our RFQ system, to explore what RFQ liquidity is, which use cases benefit most from RFQ, and how to enable it in 3 simple steps.

New liquidity sources

One integration with 0x unlocks thousands of tokens on the most popular blockchains and aggregated liquidity from 100+ AMMs and private market makers. With Swap API, we manage the overhead and allow you to focus on building what matters: your product.

This month, we added the following liquidity sources:

  • AlineBase on Base
  • BaseSwap on Base

Want to learn more about how we manage our liquidity portfolio? Check out our Under the Hood article on Swap API liquidity management.

Wrapping up

Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of the exciting things happening at 0x.

Until next time 👋

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