0x Dev Digest: May 2024

A round-up of the latest 0x news, product updates, and more. This month: our inaugural report on monetization across DeFi, powering up your Farcaster Frames, and actionable insights with Trade Analytics.

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May 31, 2024
0x Dev Digest: May 2024

Welcome to the 0x Dev Digest, where each month we share the latest news, product updates, and more.

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Monetization across DeFi

Building in DeFi? Many leading DeFi products will need to monetize in order to build sustainable businesses. In our new report, we take a deeper look at monetization across DeFi - exploring the history of monetization in the DEX stack, current DeFi revenue models, and the path toward sustainable Web3 businesses.

Download the report to find out:

  • How leading DeFi applications, like Metamask and Uniswap, are utilizing swap fees to drive millions of dollars in revenue.
  • The benefits and challenges of different Web3 monetization methods, including learnings from experiments with fee and subscription models.
  • Key considerations for businesses looking to achieve the balancing act of growth and revenue necessary in the next phase of Web3.

Trade Analytics is now available to all 0x integrators

Want actionable insights about your users?

Trade Analytics is now available to all 0x integrators - enabling you to track key metrics about user behavior with in-depth charts and data from onchain trades.

📈 Explore overall usage trends

💸 Track revenue

👥 Understand user behavior

Try it out today.

Power up your Farcaster Frames

Farcaster has seen an explosion of Frames since launch. Nearly a dozen frames use 0x to power token swaps, price feeds, and more directly within Warpcast.

In our new guide, we highlight some exciting Frames powered by 0x, as well as resources you can use to build Frames of your own.

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