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Get real-time market prices for tokens pairs with Price API

What is Price API?

Price API provides access to real-time market prices for any token pair across 5 million tokens covering 9 different chains. It allows you to get accurate pricing data with high throughput to power high-frequency data requests.

Why use Price API?

The growth of the DeFi ecosystem has been accompanied by innovation and thousands of tokens; however, this has led to increasingly fragmented data across markets, chains, and liquidity sources, making it difficult to access accurate data. Accurate pricing data is a prerequisite for powering decentralized trade and exchange.

Price API solves this problem by providing a single endpoint for accessing all pricing data across DeFi.

With one API call, you can access the price of any DeFi token against any other token, including stablecoins. Price API is built on 0x's expertise in sampling thousands of off-chain and on-chain liquidity sources to surface accurate and real-time pricing data, and it provides highly reliable data with sufficient throughput to power high-frequency data requests.

Supported Networks