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Please note the Orderbook API is not actively supported at this time. We're temporarily not accepting new integrators to post new orders.

Enable limit orders in your app or take liquidity directly from the 0x Orderbook.

0x API has an Orderbook on the following chains:

  • Ethereum
  • BSC
  • Polygon

In previous versions of 0x API prior to 0x Protocol v4, this functionality was exposed by the "SRA" endpoint. Previous docs: Note that 0x Protocol is an open-sourced project that is separate and not maintained by 0x.


All teams with a valid API key are able to GET /orderbook, if you are interested to POST /orderbook please contact 0x via the Intercom Messenger in the bottom-right of your 0x Dashboard, we will review your request promptly.

Get Started

This section contains the following docs and guides

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