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Welcome to 0x

0x offers the core building blocks to create the most powerful Web3 apps. Building in Web3 becomes increasingly difficult as the number of ecosystems, DEX protocols, and tokens grow. Our APIs and solutions remove this complexity and reduce the infrastructure overhead.

We offer a fully integrated suite of APIs that help you quickly build, launch, and scale your financial products across eight-supported EVM-compatible chains. To create an account and get your live API keys, visit the 0x Dashboard.

New to 0x?

We recommend starting off with an Introduction to 0x.

Get Started Building

  • 🏁 Getting Started
    • Set up a 0x account and get started building
  • 🔄 Swap API
    • Easily add crypto trading into your app with a single API. Access 100+ exchanges and thousands of tokens with the Swap API.
  • ⛽ Tx Relay API
    • Simplify defi with end-to-end gasless transactions. Abstract away the complexities of token approvals and gas with Tx Relay API.
  • 📖 Orderbook API
    • Add limit orders in your applications with Orderbook API
  • 📝 0x Limit Orders (Advanced Traders)
    • Learn how to fill and manage 0x Limit Orders
  • 🏛️ Market Makers
    • Resources for Professional Market Makers providing RFQ and AMM liquidity
  • 📚 Dev Resources
    • Glossary, FAQs & Troubleshooting, Audits, Bounties, Legal Guide, White Paper
  • 📄 0x Cheat Sheet
    • Find info about the endpoints for different supported chains, Exchange Proxy Addresses, Ancillary Contract Addresses, and 0x Order Types
  • 💻 0x Dashboard
    • Get live API keys, create and manage your apps.