Save 20%

Save 20%




Ideal for getting started
  • 1 RPS

  • 1 App

  • 100K API Calls


  • 0.15% Swap Fee

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/100k requests

Flexible plan for growing apps
  • 10 RPS

  • 1 App

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • 0.15% Swap Fee

  • 30-Day Trade Analytics

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For apps trading >$500K monthly
  • Custom Requests

  • Custom Apps

  • Custom API Limits

  • Custom Fee

  • 1-Year Trade Analytics

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Monetization Support
Collect fees on your trades
Take positive slippage
Access to proprietary liquidity (RFQ)
9+ Chains supported
Access to testnets
Products & Features
Enable crypto trading in your app
Get realtime DEX prices for tokens
On-chain trade analytics & insights
30 days
12 months
API usage data
12 months
12 months
12 months
Swap API fee on select token pairs
Gasless API fee on select token pairs
Early access to new products & features
Priority support

Trusted by leading Web3 apps

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MetamaskdydxBraveMatchaDeFi SaverGamestop WalletZapperRainbowcoinbaseJumpRobinhoodPolygon logoDeFi SaverGamestop WalletZapperRainbow

Trusted by leading web3 apps

“0x has one of the most extensive and reliable DEX API services in the Web3 ecosystem, backed by a professional and responsive team. It's been a pleasure working with them to launch our DEX features on Coinbase Wallet.”

Sid Coelho-Prabhu

Director of Product at Coinbase

“We have been working with the 0x team for 3 years now and their APIs are a great choice for any builders out there looking for ultimate liquidity aggregation for their users. We definitely recommend looking into 0x as a simple, ready-made, plug and play solution.”

Nikola Jankovic

Founder at DeFi Saver

“We've been a proud 0x partner and community member for over 3 years. In order to help our users get the most efficient trading routes on Zerion, we knew we wanted to use their Swap API. It was easy to integrate and allowed us to offer users access to a wide range of liquidity sources on Ethereum and other EVM chains.”

Evgeny Yurtaev

Co-founder & CEO at Zerion

“Using Swap API was a no brainer for us. As a startup, being able to tap into 100+ exchanges with a single API integration saved us a lot of time that we can now spend focused in other areas of our product and our users. We are also excited to partner with the 0x team given their expertise working with wallets and fintechs. The team is professional, reliable and experts in their field.”

Jean Meyer

CEO at Deblock

“With Swap API we never have to worry about new liquidity sources coming out and the infrastructure overhead of searching for the best trading routes. It’s also been super easy for us to launch trading in other chains thanks to Swap API being available in the major chains. 0x turnkey solutions have allowed us to focus on other areas of our product and make Zapper one of the most popular apps in Web3.”

Justin D’Errico

Lead Engineer at Zapper


Contact us for more information about our plans. Our team is happy to help.

How do I start?

Get started in less than five minutes! To get started, simply create an account on the 0x Dashboard, choose a plan, set up your app, and generate your API keys. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

What is an app?

An app is a self-contained unit for each individual application that you’re building. Each app can have its own unique API keys and configurations.

How can I monitor my API usage?

You can monitor the API usage for your apps on the 0x Dashboard.

What is the 0x Swap fee?

0x takes an on-chain fee on swaps involving select token pairs. This fee is charged on-chain to the users of your app during the transaction.

Which tokens are eligible for fees?

The list of tokens eligible for fees evolves over time and is subject to change. The eligibility of tokens is determined by a number of factors including compliance obligations, market liquidity, and other strategic considerations. Fees will be detailed in each API response when applicable.

How can I monetize my app with 0x?

0x offers two options for monetizing your order flow so you can build a sustainable Web3 business. On all our plans, you can set a percentage fee and a fee recipient on trades initiated within your application via Swap API requests. Additionally, you may take a percentage of the positive slippage generated from your swaps.  You can find details on both approaches in our API reference.

Which tier is right for me?

We offer a range of plans to suit various needs. If you are an individual or small team starting out, our Free plan is powerful enough to support you in building swap applications. The Starter plan is the most popular among teams as it is affordable and offers higher throughput as your user base and transactions grow. If you are a high volume app or have a unique business model, please contact us to discuss a custom plan.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you can sign up for our yearly plans to receive a 20% discount on the subscription fee.

Do you offer custom invoicing?

We offer custom invoicing and payment methods for Enterprise customers. Contact us to learn more.

What is the maximum throughput that you can support on the Enterprise plan?

As high as you need! Seriously. We currently support teams with millions of users worldwide that require over 50 RPS. Contact us and we will work with your team to ensure your requirements are met.

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