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Development Status

Current Status

Tx Relay API is currently in Beta Access. The goal of the Beta is for developers and builders of prospective integrations to experiment with the product, consider how they might use it in their application, and help shape the future roadmap of Tx Relay by providing feedback to the 0x team.


Interested in experimenting with Tx Relay API now? Request access directly through the 0x Dashboard - login or signup here. Once access is granted, you can utilize your existing API key to access Tx Relay API Beta - please see the API References for more details.

The Beta release allows you to test:

  • Gasless Approvals
  • Gasless Swaps
  • Setting & Collecting fees

However, note that this is release is still in beta, and the response is subject to change based on improvements our team is working on. Please share any feedback with our team via live chat on the 0x Dashboard.

Integrators are encouraged to experiment with Tx Relay API on Polygon first.

Ready to get Tx Relay API? Request access directly through the Dashboard - login or signup here.