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Development Status

Current Status

Tx Relay is currently in a Sandbox phase with select partners. The goal of the Sandbox is for prospective integrators of Tx Relay to experiment with the product and consider how they might use it in their application, and to give feedback to 0x.


If you are interested to try the Tx Relay Sandbox, please fill out this form:

You can utilize your existing API key to access the Tx Relay Sandbox - please see the API References for more details.

The Sandbox release allows you to test:

  • Gasless Approvals
  • Gasless Swaps
  • Setting & Collecting fees

However, note that this release is not meant to be used in production, and the response is subject to change based on improvements our team is working on. Integrators are encouraged to experiment with Tx Relay on Polygon first. We expect the production version of Tx Relay to be ready in mid-Q2, and we will let you know once that is ready. Please get in touch if you'd like to try the Sandbox.